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Team Coaching Agile Iterative and Incremental Value Delivery

With a collective coaching experience of over 40 years and a track record of leading over 200 training sessions, our team is dedicated to your success and the seamless implementation of knowledge. We take pride in being coaches, trainers, and facilitators who deeply care about your organization's growth. Our commitment extends beyond delivering training courses; we are here to support and guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the right people acquire the right knowledge precisely when they need it.

SPC Chip Loving Agile Coach Value Delivery Iterative and Incremental Training Visibility Transparency Communication Collaboration

Chip Loving

Chip is an engaging Organizational Change Consultant, who specializes in Iterative Incremental Value Delivery. His professionalism is balanced with his passion for soccer and cherished family moments. As a proud father, Chip promotes the values of trust, intelligence, and amiability in his two boys. Guided by his mantra of being “less wrong daily,” he tirelessly seeks improvement and growth. His ultimate aspiration? Merging work with leisure on a serene tropical island. When interacting with Chip, expect to be captivated by his genuine spirit, enlightened by his expertise, and intrigued by his unique vision.

SPC Blake Ketterl Agile Coach Transformation Change Agent Communication

Blake Ketterl

Blake is a transformative Organizational Delivery Coach, turning professional complexities into simplicity by day, and curating culinary delights as an amateur chef and mixologist by night. He's a believer in Stephen Covey's mantra, "Live out your imagination, not your history," a principle that guides his work across diverse industries. With a mission to enrich, inform, and simplify, Blake leaves a lasting impact that extends beyond the office. Engage with him, and you'll leave inspired, and perhaps even with a unique cocktail recipe.

Kevin Kuzara Agile Coach Transformation Visibility Communication Collaboration

Kevin Kuzara

Kevin is a dedicated professional with a knack for all things Product. His people-first approach helps him understand user needs and deliver innovative solutions. When he's not working, you'll find him enjoying quality time with his family and keeping a close eye on the radar, earning him the playful nickname "Doppler Kevin."


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